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Lise Lotte Bj​örck

Branding   Graphic Design   Visual Content Creation   Media Management   Illustration   Concept Art

All Projects

Videography and Property Stylist Skills

On Location Video

Book Layout Website, Conceptual Solutions, Social Media

Client:  Elizabeth Buckner

Year 2022

Collaborating with artists always reinforces the personal nature of representing creative clients.  Working with Elizabeth, I built their website which contributed creative and conceptual solutions towards the building of her book Naked Lady and other avenues for their poetry.

Collaborating with Creatives

Original Art    Digital Painting    Photography    Conceptual Visuals    Illustrations

Collaborating with Creatives

Manufacturing and Industry

Art Direction

Art Direction, title designs, copy direction, sketches for photoshoots and more.

Film Posters, Billboards, Print and Digital

As art director, one works with teams of creative people, illustrators, photographers, writers, film makers.


A passion of mine, painting. Acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pencils and oils. 

Landscapes, people, lettering....

Flat Art

Storytelling in apps, websites, editorial & beyond. 


Fur friends, people, places

Vintage / Editorial

Black and White.

Classic and Timeless

Thanks, Dr. Ruth.


Caricatures, and Concepts

Conceptual Illustration

Illustrator, Watercolors, Goauche, Oils, Pencils, Computer Graphics.

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