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I would heartily recommend Lise for any of your graphic design needs. I have worked extensively with her in the past on both our digital presence as well as our branding and imagery used in tradeshow booth construction and print advertising. I have tremendous confidence in her as she brings a broad perspective and wide range of options which allowed us to make the best choices for our branding. Aside from her technical competence, she understands the rigor of the business environment. She lives up to her commitments and is a consummate professional. Her research, curiosity, excitement and engagement with our projects revealed good consideration for strategic B2B needs and practical considerations.


— Paul Mazelin, SIMEDeX

I would recommend Lise for any of your graphic design and production needs. I have worked closely with her at our printshop. She is reliable, and experienced. With solid knowledge of the top Adobe applications, she is an asset when solving and preparing complex files in photoshop, illustrator and Indesign. Professional and prompt, she brought practical management approaches to our working routine. Contributing a broad perspective to our shop and customers. she brought excitement and engagement to the many printing assignments that she oversaw. I expect to be working with Lise again as she appreciates the professional printing business and understands many aspects of the medium. She has an ease with customers, can communicate professionally and promptly. You can count on Lise to be curious and willing to continue growing her skill set in both computers, applications and anything related to graphic arts. She lives up to her commitment to the industry of graphic design solutions.


— Joe Nutile, Colorcraft Printing

Colorcraft printing, testimonial of services
Simedex, testimonial of services

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