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Print Samples


Print samples

Instead of traditionally printing 5000 posters you can print 50 limited editions and mail them to potential and current clients. Or, if you like a project print an extra hundred pieces and send it to your favorite clients and contacts. Sign and number it to make it personal.

Even though the demand for printed stationery is less, it is more important than ever. "Twenty years ago, a client would receive hundreds of letters a week, now he or she might be sent only two or three. If yours is one of them, it needs to be beautifully printed with stellar typography." Sean Adams

With the brilliant ability to print smaller quantities, an opportunity to produce blank note pads, or seasonal cards to share with your clients and potential clients is presented. A thank you note, or just a hello written by hand, is often appreciated in this day of digital connections.


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Photo of product for silicon extrusion
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Print Samples

Print samples and design
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