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Lise Lotte Bj​örck

Book Layout Website, Conceptual Solutions, Social Media

Client:  Elizabeth Buckner

Year 2022

Collaborating with Elizabeth on these projects has reinforced the personal nature of representing creative clients.  Built website, contributed conceptual solutions to the book, design and production of Naked Lady.

Naked Lady
by Elizabeth Buckner

Articulating how Elizabeth's vision for their book comes through, communicating the message and keeping sight of the brand and recognition of her person has been been my goal all along.   Have a look at the inside of the book.

Understanding that a personal creative project is precious to the client, and maintaining a neutral stance, in order to best understand how the targeted audience will respond is crucial.

Transformation through Art

Survivors of violence and rape are too often unheard, unseen and need help.
If you or anybody you know has suffered from such acts, please seek help.
Contact your local rape crisis center.

Down To The Wire

Cover and interior design, prepared production for print.


Branches of the Conejo

Given materials, I produced and designed cover art. Interior designed and prepared for print


The Fourth Corner of the 9th Room

Designed, created and produced cover, prepared interior for print


Other Publishing Projects.

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