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Sculpting, Sketching Proposals, Administrative Assistance, and Web Maintenance.

Scultpure, Malloy
Alfa Romeo Rimoldi Sketch Proposal
Alfa Romeo Rimoldi Bronze
Social Media design and production
Social Media design and production

Posson Sculpture continues to make beautiful sculptures. Follow their work:

Photo of bronze sculpture, Malloy
Photo of sculpture, Number 98
Photo of sculpture, Alfa Romeo

Flying mile was an amazing project, sculpting Shrimp Burns racing his 1914 Board Tracker. I helped sculpt Shrimp, the man, after much research using old grainy photographs. Steve created the iconic motorcycle.
1/2 size motorbike that looks like it's flying around the corner. 
One of a kind, in a limited series.

Flying Mile

Photo of sculpture, Flying Mile

Additional Sketch Proposals

Delage V12
Teamwork on a Vintage Motorcycle
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