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Lise Lotte Bj​örck

Web Design, Photography

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print






Relationships between customer and designer are important and function best when there is open communication, trust and common ground.
"Your success is my success!" - Paul Mazelin

The Big Picture.

Immersive Services

Paul Mazelin has been a customer for many years, working with Simedex is exciting and challenging. Their product is precise and important to the medical industry, deserving of careful consideration and attention. The medical silicone extrusion produced at Simedex has a global reach, saving lives and helping people all over the world. 

Photographing the product they produce has made me a fan of lenses and techniques applied to macro photography.  Combining the nature of the extrusion that the brilliant engineers design and produce at Simedex, with the end use of each unique tubing is always engaging me on all kinds of levels.


Company Profile

Validation Process

Photography of Formed Extrusion

Macro Photography of macro extrusion.

Product Photography

This stuff is simply amazing, small complicated
and precise!-Photography

Product Photography
Website Design & Maintenance
Images often taken, site will be updated frequently. 
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