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Lise Lotte Bj​örck

Brand Development   Graphic Design   Visual Content Creation   Media Management   Illustration   Concept Art

Art Direction, Photography

Sculpting, chasing wax,

mold making





Working along side Steve Posson, I sculpted people, art directed proposals, built websites, photographed sculptures, mold making and chased waxes. 

Sculpting & Graphics

Posson Sculpture continues to make beautiful sculptures. Follow their work:

Flying mile was an amazing project, sculpting Shrimp Burns racing his 1914 Board Tracker. I sculpted Shrimp, after much research of the time, using old grainy photographs. Steve created the iconic motorcycle. 1/2 size motorbike that looks like it's flying around the corner. 
One of a kind, in a limited series.

Flying Mile

All Projects

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