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Lise Lotte Bj​örck

Research, sketching, design and production



2014 - 2022

Creating a logo mark for someone is a journey of sorts. Discovering the symbol that is relevant to the ideas, values and activities of a business or skill, takes effort on both client and designer. A logo is more than a static symbol. It carries the significance of a brand’s visual identity. 

Logo Design & Branding

What are the attributes that define your "brand"? Optimism? Accuracy? What is your unique story? Every one has one, every creative project, or skillset has something that defines them and differentiates them from others.

My job is to encourage a client clarify what distinguishes them from someone else in their field. Together we can build and maintain a clear and concise brand message.

Common Ground

Common Ground


Plant life, sun and water.

Tag line "Only one Organic Earth". Vegetables in the earth.

Hands raising plant life.

These are roughs, 'sketches' that illustrate how I might explore a concept for a client.

Sketches in the rough


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